What is The Little Heater, anyway?

In researching the area around Knowles Landing, we’ve learned that the corner of Essex and Magnolia Avenues is part of The Little Heater of Gloucester.

The Little Heater is a rough triangle that encompasses Ravenswood Forest, Bond Hill, and the Fernwood area. If one were looking at a map, it would run from the corners of Magnolia and Essex Avenue to the corner of Essex and Western Avenue and back up Western to the corner of Magnolia again. Please don’t ask us about the Big Heater, though – we’re less sure about that one!

According to local legend, equestrians in the past would warm up their horses by running them around this triangle of West Gloucester. We’ve also read that the shape of the Little Heater’s three roads resembles an old-fashioned snow plow or a hot chunk of cast iron. Either way, we think it’s pretty darned cool. Er, hot.

On another hot topic: a Little Free Library has opened up in Bay View! You should definitely check it out if you’re in the neighborhood. It’s got a beautiful and thoughtful nautical theme, right down to the buoys on the side. If you’ve got time, check out the old fish shacks nearer to Hodgkins Cove next door – there are buoys on those, too!


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