It sure has been a busy couple of weeks!

The Little River Little Free Library opened for business on July 10, 2016! We had a really great turnout, and everyone brought books to exchange! 

Good Morning Gloucester’s Bridgette Mathews was kind enough to write this beautiful story about the opening, and she also included some fabulous pictures. 

Attendees included Gloucester Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken, Ward 5 Councilor Sean Nolan, Councilor-at-Large Jamie O’Hara, and Awesome Gloucester Trustee Susan Gould Coviello! 

We’d like to thank those special people AND our next-door neighbor, Kris, who kindly helped us install the library. It’s in there as firm as anything! 

Over the last two weeks, we’ve been able to enjoy watching our neighbors and travelers from out of town look at the selection of books in there. There are lots of choices, and they’re changing all the time. This morning, we found several Babysitters’ Club books in there – always a favorite for Summer reading. 

We are putting a new guest book inside – the one we used at the opening is full of sweet messages and signatures from family, friends, and neighbors. We wanted to make sure to keep it safe, always. 

So please stop by! There’s a convenience store across the street where you can buy ice cream. There’s a beautiful river to enjoy. We’ve even heard – for those of you who are interested – that there’s a Geocache somewhere in the area. 

Thanks so much, and happy reading!

Open for business!
Mayor Theken leaves a book and takes a book!
Councilor Nolan has been there from the beginning!
Some of the excited attendees!


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